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The image is much more than an appearance or notoriety. Through their experience and their talent, artists tell a story and convey values. In order to guide them and help them build a meaningful image, our agency, with the greatest respect for their artistic work, offers them a new style of support that is not limited to commercial representation alone. This global service brings together, according to their needs, the supervision of all forms of association of their image or their artistic activity with brands, editorial representation, press relations, the creative direction of photographic or audio projects. - visuals and digital communication. It is in the same spirit of seeking consistency that ZZO collaborates with brands and guides them in their project of associations with celebrities. 
Our team is made up of people from the worlds of fashion, luxury, cinema and the press. They have access, beyond the talents they supervise daily, to numerous artists and artistic agents in the field of the 7th art, music, dance, contemporary art and literature, both in France and 'internationally. Thanks to this privileged access and the experience of our team, we support our clients in their reflection in order to identify the muse who will ideally be able to carry the image of their brand and give meaning to their project. ZZO provides a complete, original and creative consulting service allowing the fairest association of a brand's image with that of an artist in the context of traditional advertising campaigns, creative collaborations such as capsule collections or signature products, product placements

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