Marianne Faithfull


Being a true legend and a confirmed actress, Marianne Faithfull has been a major influence on modern music from folk-rock albums such as « Love in a mist » (1967) or « Broken English » (1976) to new-wave explorations with « Dangerous Acquaintances » (1981) and « A Child’s Adventure » (1983). Her Collaborations with artists such as Billy Corgan, Beck, Pulp or Blur in the 2000’s confirmed her legitimacy as rock and roll legend.

Four years after the release of « Horses and High Heels » in 2011, Marianne is on a 12 month world tour with her 21st album « Give my love to London » which was released in 2015, the album was composed with artists such as Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Pat Leonard, Steve Earle or Anna Calvi.

Marianne has recently published a luxury photo book published by Rizzoli :  « Marianne Faithfull: A Life on record » featuring iconic images of Marianne from throughout her career, taken by Helmut Newton, David Bailey and Bruce Weber, and edited by Faithfull herself. While the defining statements of many artists are made during their early years, Marianne Faithfull continues to develop her own voice: She sets herself aside from her contemporaries in her continuing quest to explore new creative areas in a career that has always been a positive process of self-assertion.